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Dave Hole is a great guitar player, who is at his best when playing electric slide. He was born in 1948 in England but his family moved him to Australia when he was four years old.

Inspired by blues artists like Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters and rock bands like the Rolling Stones, Hole took up the guitar as a young lad. A broken finger in a football game would cause him to create his unique style of slide playing. Hole plays over the top of the fretboard of the guitar unlike most every other slide player. Not only is his technique his own, so is the power of his playing. He is without question the most powerful slide guitarist in the world (just listen to "Up All Night Thinking", this track can be found on the albums "Working Overtime" and "Whole Lotta Blues").

I once read an article in the paper which told him that he should decide if he would rather play blues or rock music.

Though some may agree with this position, I certainly do not. I find his mix of rock and blues to be an excellent combination.

Any of his recordings are great. Be sure to check out this exceptional artist.

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A new CD called "OutsideLookingIn" has just been released on Alligator/Provogue!

Dave Hole


Dave Hole / Short Fuse Blues/1990:
Keep your motor running - The bottle - Short fuse blues - Every girl I see - Something fine - Albatross - Night cat - Tore down - The sun is shining - Business man - Take a swing - Dark was the night (cold was the ground) - Truckload of lovin - Purple haze

Dave Hole / The Plumber/1992:
The plumber - You don't have to be pretty to sing the blues - Do what you do - Is it true? (Part 1) - Three days out - Sign me up - Me and my guitar - New way to live - Is it true? ( Part 2) - Wrecking yard - North West blues - Boogaloo

Dave Hole / Working Overtime/1994:
Nobody hears me crying - You got to reap everything you sow - Stormy seas - Mean old airplane - Working overtime - Key to the highway - Up all night thinking - I can't be satisfied - Twenty years - Crazy kind of woman - Berwick road

Dave Hole / Steel On Steel/1995:
Wildfire - Quicksand - Counting my regrets - Killing bite - Take me to Chicago - I won't leave - Worry - I found love - Going down - One last breath - Hook, line and sinker - Cold rain - Blues will call your name

Dave Hole / Whole Lotta Blues/1996:
Nobody hears me crying - Short fuse blues - Quicksand - I found love - Tore down - Key to the highway - I can't be satisfied - Going down - The plumber - Berwick road - Keep your motor Running - Up all night thinking - Crazy kind of woman - Blues will call your name - Counting my regrets - Travelling riverside blues

Dave Hole / Ticket To Chicago/1997:
Out of here - You're too young - Phone line - You got the blues - My bird won't sing - Bermuda triangle - Wheeler dealer - Empty train - Why can't you be true? - Beyond Jupiter - Cold blue moon - Outlaw - Ain't no justice - Bullfrog blues

Dave Hole / Under The Spell/1999:
Holding patterns - Demolition man - Run with me - Cold women with warm hearts - More love, less attitude - Blues is the truth - Chicken stuff - Don`t say goodbye - Yes or no - I see my baby - Short memory - Lost at sea - Guitar man - Bird`s eye blues - Too old to rock`n roll - I`ve got to go
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