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Australia has produced some outstanding blues and blues/rock artists.

The first to catch my attention was Dave Hole, then later I learned of the excellent work of Rob Tognoni, Tim Gaze, and Mal Eastick. Along with all of these, add the name of the Australian legend Kevin Borich.

Borich has for over 30 years been at the very forefront of the Australian music scene and has played before some of the largest crowds in Australian history.

He is the consummate professional and I strongly suggest you check out his "Live at the Big Kahuna" or "Heart Starter" CDs. Great guitar and vocals, strong original material, excellent band, and first class production will make any of his work a welcome addition to your collection.

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Kevin Borich


1. Canefield 2. I Can't Wait 3. High Temperature 4. Rollin' and Tumblin' 5. Backlash Blues 6. Grinding Wheel 7. Hypocrite Heaven 8. Funny Money Blues 9. Back To Go Cool 10. No Soul 11. Got My Number

1. Heart Starter 2. Standing In The Shadows 3. Strange Imagination 4. Caddilac Walk 5. Legs Too Long 6. Money 7. 1990's 8. Saved By The Blues 9. Waves 10. Bunker 11. Let There Be Drums 12. JL's Heavyweight Boogie 13. Matilda

Vol 1: 1. Canefield 2. I Can't Wait 3. High Temperature 4. Dust My Broom 5. Recession Blues 6. Boogie 7. Back Door Man 8. Rollin' and Tumblin' 9. Little Red Rooster 10. Angels Hand 11. Beat In My Heart

Vol 2: 1. I'm Together 2. Slinky 3. 300lbs Of Heavenly Joy 4. Rescue Dream 5. Cuckoo 6. King Bee 7. Morning Good Morning 8. Bell Hop Blues 9. KB's Boogie 10. Sticks and Stones 11. Too Late

1.Fever 2.Need Your Love 3.Lonely One 4.Don't Let Go 5.Rock'n Roll 6.Six Million Dollar Role 7.Goin' Somewhere 8.Downtown 9.Gonna See My Baby Tonight 10.Working On A New Day 11.Love My Love 12.Full Moon 13.Shy Boys Shy Girls 14.This Worlds On Fire 15.Tango Queen 16.Tell Me Why 17.Rescue Dream 18.White Ship
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