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Walter Trout was born in 1951 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He has played with great bands and singers such as Canned Heat, John Lee Hooker, Big Mama Thornton, and was a member of the legendary John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, before starting his own band in 1989.

His music is a mix between blues and rock. If you are a fan of blues, blues/rock or rock music, you HAVE TO check out his work. He is quite an amazing talent.

On his studio recordings, expect to hear more than just blues/rock. His style ranges from almost pop music to some very hard rock, but always offered up with a blues feeling.

For Trout's recording of "Prisoner Of A Dream", the talented Swedish drummer Klas Anderhell and a horn section were added. This CD includes my personal favorite of Walter's songs "Prisoner Of A Dream". (which was re-recorded later on his "Livin' Every Day" CD) It also includes a cover of Bob Dylan's "Girl From The North Country" and Robert Johnson's "Love In


"No More Fish Jokes" is a tremendous live recording. The recording starts with great version of Robert Johnson's "Dust My Broom" and was recorded at the Skanderborg Festival in Denmark.

"Transition" is a more pop/rock oriented recording, which includes the great rocker "Kill The Monkey", which is a song about pollution which contains a killer guitar solo. Another song with some fabulous guitar work is "Fast Moving Traffic".

"Tellin' Stories" is a move more into the harder rockin' direction, but it also includes some slower songs like "I Need To Belong". It is Trout's only recording on the Silvertone label.

"Breaking The Rules" saw Trout return to the Provogue label and away from the style of "Tellin' Stories". The recording includes some pop/rock material such as "Under My Skin", but also strong blues/rocking songs like the title track.

My favorite recording came next, with the release of "Walter Trout" (a.k.a. "Positively Beale Street"). It features the beautiful instrumental "Marie's Mood", dedicated to Walter's wife Marie. Another great song is the rocker "Don't Worry About It" along with "Temptation", which is one of his best songs. The song is in ways connected to the song "Life In The Jungle", which he had recorded earlier on both "Life In the Jungle" and "No More Fish Jokes". Also, on the song "Let Me Be The One", Walter sings accompanied only by piano/keyboards. It is one of the most beautiful songs he has ever written.

Next came "Livin' Every Day", which saw the band change its name from the Walter Trout Band to Walter Trout and the Free Radicals and move to the RUF label. The great keyboard player Paul Kallestad joined the band on this set and would add much to their sound for the next few recordings. Highlights on "Livin' Every Day" include "I Thought I Heard The Devil" and "Apparitions", an almost country sounding song that is also very funny (the part about J. Edgar Hoover is a great kick against hypocrisy).

A recording not mentioned in Trout's discography is the 4 track single "Breaking The Rules". Along with the title track from the full blown CD, there are 3 unreleased acoustic tracks "Death Letter Blues", "Life In The Jungle", and "Lady Luck".

Trout appears with Omar Dykes, Popa Chubby, and Michael Lee Firkins on the Provogue release "The Jimi Hendrix Music Festival".

He also appears on Aynsley Lister's self-titled release, playing with the young Lister on a cover of Gary Moore's "Since I Met You Baby".

The Walter Trout Band has also released a concert video titled "Live and Kickin'", available on DVD only.

The year 2000 saw Trout release 2 live recordings "Face The Music" for Provogue and "Live Trout" for RUF. These are each world class recordings and showcase Trout and band in their greatest environment: in front of a live audience. Walter Trout, simply put, has to be seen in order for his intense passion and energy to be fully appreciated.

Recently, he has released his latest studio recording "Go The Distance", which includes some of his best studio work to date. On this recording, Bill Mason joined the band as keyboard player.

Sammy Avila has joined the band as their new keyboard player and Kenny Soule has taken over the drums.

Joey Pafumi joined the band as the new drummer in April 2002.

Walter and the band have released a spectacular new live album on CD and DVD called "Relentless". Follow the link below to read our review and visit the bands official website for more information.

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To read our review of "Relentless", click here!

Visit Walter`s official site for more information, including info about available live DVD`s and concerts.
Walter Trout makes excellent records, but seeing him live is something very special!

Web site: Walter Trout and The Radicals

Walter Trout - Joey Pafumi - Mike Zito - Jimmy Trapp


Walter Trout Band / Life In The Jungle/Provogue/1990:
Good enough to eat - The mountain song - Life in the jungle - Spacefish - Red house - She's out there somewhere - Frederica (I don't need you) - In my mind - Cold cold feeling - Serve me right to suffer

Walter Trout Band / Prisoner Of A Dream/Electra/1990:
Prisoner of a dream - The love that we once knew - Sweet as a flower - Love in vain - Victor the cajun - Girl from the North Country - False alarm - Say goodbye to the blues - You're the one - Earrings on the table - Tribute to Muddy Waters

Walter Trout Band / No More Fish Jokes/Provogue/1991:
Dust my broom - If you just try - False alarm - Life in the jungle - Girl from the north country - Victor the cajun - Earrings on the table - Motivation of love - Playing with gloves on - The love that we once knew - Prisoner of a dream - Going down

Walter Trout Band / Transition/Provogue/1992:
Motivation of love - Endless variety - Transition - Running in place - Deeper shade of blue - Got to kill the monkey - Face the night - Playing with gloves on - She's missing - Fast moving traffic

Walter Trout / Tellin' Stories/Silvertone/1994:
I can tell - Tremble - Wanna see the morning - Need to belong - Runnin' blues - On the rise - Time for movin' on - Head hung down - Please don't go - Tellin' stories - Somebody's cryin' - Take care of yo' business

Walter Trout Band / Breaking The Rules/Provogue/1995:
To begin again - How much do you want - Under my skin - Like a stranger - Surrounded by Eden - Breaking the rules - The reason I'm gone - I don't wanna be lonely - Put it right back - Lady luck - Watch her dance

Walter Trout/Walter Trout (aka Pos. Beals St.)/RUF (Provgoue)/1997:
Got a broken heart - Obstacles in my way - Come home - Marie's mood - One way street - Tender heart - Hardtime blues - In love with you again - Don't worry about it - Song for a wanderer - Temptation - Walkin' in the rain - If you ever change your mind - Jules well - Let me be the one - Boo

Walter Trout / Livin' Every Day/RUF/1999:
Livin' every day - Let me know - Playing with a losin' hand - Sweet butterfly (Sophie's song) - I thought I heard the Devil - Through the eyes of love - Nothin' but the blues - City man - Fool for love - Say what you man - Apparitions - Junkyards in your eyes - The love that we once knew - Prisoner of a dream

Walter Trout and the Free Radicals/Face The Music (Live On Tour)/Provogue/2000:
Got a broken heart - Hard time blues - The reason I'm gone - Come home - Marie's mood - Too much biz - Obstacles in my way - Tired of sleeping alone - On the rise

Walter Trout/Live Trout/RUF/2000/2 CD:
CD1: I Can Tell - Walkin` In The Rain - Say What You Mean - The Reason I`m Gone - Come Home - Livin` Every Day - Let Me Know

CD2: Finally Gotten Over You - Gotta Broken Heart - I Shall Be Released - Serve Me Right To Suffer - Good Enough To Eat

Walter Trout and the Radicals/Go The Distance/RUF/2001:
Love So Deep - Outta Control - Lookin' For The Promised Land - Ride 'Till I'm Satisfied - Go The Distance - Message On The Doorway - Faithful - Down To You - Bugle Billie - Gotta leave This Town - I Don't Want My MTV - Doin' Just Fine - Always Been A Dreamer
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